Jasper SMC+ RGH 320GB Bundle

$164.99 Regular Price
$159.99Sale Price
  • NOTICE:  Imperfections mainly consist of scuffs and some broken clips for the faceplate. The rest of the console's in good condition & fully refurbished!


    This Bundle Deal includes:

    • Jasper SMC+ RGH 1.2 ELITE Console (Good Condition - Minor Imperfections)
    • RED & BLUE Ring of Lights
    • 320gb Pre-Loaded Hard Drive (View our Pre-Loads)
    • LT 3.0 Firmware (Flashed DVD Drive)
    • Nand & KV Info Backups
    • Updated to the Latest Firmware (17559)
    • HDMI & AV Compatible 
    • 30 Day Warranty