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  • Can these consoles run College Football Revamped?
    They sure can!
  • What's included with the bundles?
    All Bundle Deals Include: • FULLY REFURBISHED & SANITIZED RGH CONSOLE • PRE-LOADED HARD DRIVE • BACKED UP CONSOLE NANDS, CPU KEY, & DVD KEY EXTRACTS • UPDATED & ONLINE READY WITH THE LEADING STEALTH SERVICE • HDMI & AV COMPATIBLE • NEXT DAY USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING • 30 DAY WARRANTY All Pre-Loaded Hard Drives Include: • XEXMENU 1.2 • DASH LAUNCH 3.2 • AURORA DASHBOARD • FREESTYLE DASHBOARD • XM360 • XEBUILD • FLASH360 • SIMPLE 360 NAND FLASHER • KV CHECKER/VALIDATOR • MOD MENUS (READ BELOW) • MOD TOOLS (READ BELOW) • ISO UTILITIES (READ BELOW) • FREE & PAID STEALTH SERVERS (READ BELOW) Mod Menus COD: • [ALL COD] Appendum OFF Host Menu • [BO1] Myten V1 • [BO2] BOSSAM V6 • [BO2] Bossman V5 • [BO2] The Purge V4 • [MW2] Medaka's Menu • [MW2] RCE Menu • [MW3] Tribal V1 • [WAW] Motion Flex V2.1 GTA5: • AlphaMenu • DevilsMenu • LegacyMenu • Riptide • Enforcer V2.9.4 • Infinity Menu • Jiggy 4.5 • Pandora V2.9.5 • Serozoid 1.4 • The Purge V3.9 Mod Tools (Real Time Editing) COD: • BO2 Shit Tool Cracked • XRPC Tool By XBOX360lSBEST 2.3.9 HALO3: • Halo Astro 2 • Halo 3 Ban Bypass • HxD • Sandbox • EXP Tool • Nimbus HALO REACH: • Gamertag Spoofer • RTE Pro V3.0 • Dank Reach Tool V1 • Halo Astro 2 • Infinity Tool • Halo Reach Ripper V1.4 • Halo Reach CE (trainer + no-clip) • Halo Reach No-clip plugin • Nameplate Tool V1.2 • Implying V1.5 • HaloSigner • Liberty ISO UTILITIES: • ABGX360 • ImgBurn • Xbox Backup Creator • WX360 STEALTH SERVICES: Paid • Teapot Live • XbOnline • XBLS Ninja Free • Teapot Live CORE • Proto Stealth (No cheating allowed)
  • What's the price of shipping?
    We charge a flat rate of $15 for USPS Priority Mail. If you need additional accessories with your order, this cost may differ.
  • How long do deliveries usually take?
    When using USPS Priority Mail, it's usually between 1-3 days as estimated. If we're shipping internationally (outside of USA) it can take around 6-10 business days via USPS Priority Mail International.
  • Will I receive a tracking number after purchasing?
    Absolutely, as soon as orders leave our hands we'll share the tracking link with the buyer.
  • Can you ship worldwide?
    Yes, although as usual, shipping charges will apply.
  • Do you provide a warranty? If so, what does it cover?
    Yes, we include a 30 day warranty with all bundle deals unless stated otherwise. Warranties begin on the console's delivery date and cover any hardware related problems.
  • Can you help me setup my RGH?
    Yes, all community members are welcome to use our #tech-support on Discord for any tech related questions. Although if you're a beginner, we strongly advise following RGH/JTAG guides & tutorials which can be easily found through a Google or YouTube search. Use trusted sources only! Discord Server: Setup Tutorials:
  • Can I request a custom built console?
    Absolutely, be minded that any custom orders require a pre payment and an average of 1-3 business days to start, finish, package and ship the order. In rare cases, this wait time can be extended if the required supplies need to be put on order.
  • How can I contact you?
    However you prefer! Email: Discord Community Server: Admins: Nitrozity#6339 (ID: 414901627783348235) Enviious#4821 (ID: 577727467272405004)
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