Frequently asked questions

How much is the shipping cost?

We charge a flat rate of $13.20 for USPS Priority Mail although Handling is covered by us.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately RGH Nation does not ship internationally. We only ship to residents of the United States of America.

Do your consoles include a warranty?

Yes, a 30-Day warranty is included with all Bundle Deals! This warranty begins on the day of your console(s) arrival. Check out our Warranty Policy upon purchasing for more information.

Will I receive a tracking number once my console has shipped?

Yes, you will receive tracking information through email once your console(s) have been shipped.

Where can I contact the Administration?

Email: Discord Admin: Nitrozity#6339 (ID: 414901627783348235) Discord Admin: Enviious#0420 (ID: 577727467272405004) Discord Community Link:

Can you help me setup my RGH?

Customers are always welcome to use our #tech-support channel on Discord for any tech related questions or concerns although we advise utilizing our Setup Tutorial's found below: Discord: Setup Tutorials:

What's included with the bundles?

All Bundle Deals Include: • FULLY REFURBISHED & SANITIZED RGH CONSOLE • PRE-LOADED HARD DRIVE • BACKED UP CONSOLE NANDS, CPU KEY, & DVD KEY EXTRACTS • UPDATED & ONLINE READY WITH THE LEADING STEALTH SERVICE • HDMI & AV COMPATIBLE • NEXT DAY USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING • 30 DAY WARRANTY All Pre-Loaded Hard Drives Include: • XEXMENU 1.2 • DASH LAUNCH 3.2 • AURORA DASHBOARD • FREESTYLE DASHBOARD • XM360 • XEBUILD • FLASH360 • SIMPLE 360 NAND FLASHER • KV CHECKER/VALIDATOR • MOD MENUS (READ BELOW) • MOD TOOLS (READ BELOW) • ISO UTILITIES (READ BELOW) • FREE & PAID STEALTH SERVERS (READ BELOW) Mod Menus COD: • [ALL COD] Appendum OFF Host Menu • [BO1] Myten V1 • [BO2] BOSSAM V6 • [BO2] Bossman V5 • [BO2] The Purge V4 • [MW2] Medaka's Menu • [MW2] RCE Menu • [MW3] Tribal V1 • [WAW] Motion Flex V2.1 GTA5: • AlphaMenu • DevilsMenu • LegacyMenu • Riptide • Enforcer V2.9.4 • Infinity Menu • Jiggy 4.5 • Pandora V2.9.5 • Serozoid 1.4 • The Purge V3.9 Mod Tools (Real Time Editing) COD: • BO2 Shit Tool Cracked • XRPC Tool By XBOX360lSBEST 2.3.9 HALO3: • Halo Astro 2 • Halo 3 Ban Bypass • HxD • Sandbox • EXP Tool • Nimbus HALO REACH: • Gamertag Spoofer • RTE Pro V3.0 • Dank Reach Tool V1 • Halo Astro 2 • Infinity Tool • Halo Reach Ripper V1.4 • Halo Reach CE (trainer + no-clip) • Halo Reach No-clip plugin • Nameplate Tool V1.2 • Implying V1.5 • HaloSigner • Liberty ISO UTILITIES: • ABGX360 • ImgBurn • Xbox Backup Creator • WX360 STEALTH SERVICES: Paid • Teapot Live • XbOnline • XBLS Ninja Free • Teapot Live CORE • Proto Stealth (No cheating allowed)

How long does shipping usually take?

USPS Priority Mail is usually 2-4 business days. We strive to have all orders shipped by the next (or same) business day although this can be delayed due to weather conditions and or holidays. Please allow 1-3 business days at the very most.

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