Ghost Case Jasper SMC+ RGH 320GB Bundle

$349.99 Regular Price
$299.99Sale Price
  • NOTICE: Minor imperfections include a missing USB door and the usual minor scratching on the case. Addressable LEDs w/Remote include 200 modes, auto setting (to cycle through modes), brightness and speed adjustment. Check out the video attached to watch us cycle through some modes on the auto setting.



    This Bundle Deal includes:

    • GHOST CASE JASPER RGH 1.2 CONSOLE (Good Condition - Minor imperfections)
    • GHOST CASE Fan Shroud
    • GHOST CASE DVD Drive Lid
    • RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE & PURPLE Ring of Lights
    • 12v Addressable LEDs w/Remote and battery
    • 320gb Pre-Loaded Hard Drive (View our Pre-Loads)
    • LT 3.0 Firmware (Flashed DVD Drive)
    • Updated to the Latest Firmware (17559)
    • HDMI & AV Compatible
    • 30 Day Warranty
    • USPS Priority Mail