Falcon SMC+ R-JTOP 120GB Bundle

$209.99 Regular Price
$189.99Sale Price
  • RJTOP = Combination of both JTAG & RGH 1.2, The JTAG method used is AUD-CLAMP


    This Bundle Deal includes:

    • FALCON SMC+ R-JTOP CONSOLE (Good Condition w/Minor imperfections such as - Faceplate color doesn't match the case & Blue paint chipping on eject button)
    • XCM Black Knight case (without plexiglass)
    • XCM GPU Heatsink Cooling Fan
    • BLUE Ring of Lights
    • BLUE Talismoon Fans
    • BLUE Case LEDs & LEDs for the fan shroud
    • BLUE (painted) XCM DVD Drive w/clear cover
    • BLUE (painted) 120gb Pre-Loaded Hard Drive w/Case Mod, Blue LEDs & Plexiglass (View our Pre-Loads)
    • LT 3.0 Firmware (Flashed DVD Drive)
    • Updated to the Latest Firmware (17559)
    • HDMI & AV Compatible 
    • USPS Priority Mail
    • 90 Day Warranty